Full Identification Survey

for Buy & Sell property, legal and Building Certificate purposes

An Identification Survey is a general term for survey which focuses on the identifying existing buildings and improvements on a parcel of land. It is often required in contracts for sale, for banks and solicitor, by councils or certifiers to ensure the building's compliance with the conditions in a development application.

In the product, the plan should show the location of a building in relation to property boundaries, fencing and any encroachments upon or by adjoining properties, and should show realative heights of a structrue particularly in a Check Survey.

(In addition, a Permissive Occupancy Survey is potentially a type of Identification Survey, and should be carried out if a waterfront property has adjoining domestic waterfront faciliy over Crown land and the owner of that property must hold a current licence from the Department of Industry.)


Why should you need it?

When purchasing a property, engaging a Surveyor for an Identification Survey is always recommended. A report will should be obtained by the solicitor as a matter of course, in order to protect the buyer against surveying problems which may produce difficulty on selling the property in the future or anxiety with neighbours or public authorities before moving in. Even more, it ensures the buyer to be aware of any defects that may devalue the property.

Other than that, if there are any arguments over the building or fence on or near a boundary, Identification Survey can also carried out.

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